IRLP and EchoLink Commands
The station index number code for the VE3KFR-R IRLP node is 2275.
VE3KFR-R is node number 238523 and is used as the EchoLink node to VE3KFR repeater.

The gateway will respond to the following commands using DTMF tones from your 2m radio through VE3KFR repeater..

DTMF Code Description

Annnn" Connect to IRLP station index number nnnn
73" Disconnect

Bnnnnnn" Connect to EchoLink index number nnnnnn
73" Disconnect

Other Functions when gateway not connected!
EST time "
WX from Trenton Air Base "
A04"  ( not working at this time ! )
The need for a prefix  has been added to allow EchoLink and other services to be connected to the VE3KFR repeater that are also controlled by DTMF tones.

To establish a gateway connection, perform the following steps:

It is recommended that you first identify your station on the repeater and that you are attempting IRLP or EchoLink operation.
Key the appropriate prefix code  on your touch tone pad followed by the station code for the node that you wish to connect.
After a few seconds delay, the node will respond with a "Connected" message if the link was successful.
Following a successful connection, announce your presence on the linked repeater by calling CQ, etc.
At the end of the QSO, disconnect the link by keying "
73" DTMF tone. The gateway will respond with confirmation that the link has been disconnected.

The VE3KFR-R IRLP node can be disconnected from the internet, preventing incoming IRLP or EchoLink node connects from other repeaters by sending DTMF #65  It can be brought back online by sending DTMF *65. This may be used during ARES activities when gateway connects may be disruptive.

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